10-Yard Fight

10-Yard Fight

Arcade / Taito/Irem 1983


10-Yard Fight, developed by Irem, is a classic arcade sports game released in 1983. It is recognized as one of the earliest American football video games and is notable for its simple yet engaging gameplay. In the game, players control a football team with the objective of reaching the opposing team’s end zone to score points. The game’s graphics, though basic by today’s standards, were groundbreaking at the time and added to its charm.

Irem, a renowned Japanese video game developer, created 10-Yard Fight in 1983. The game was designed to capture the essence of American football, providing players with a unique sports gaming experience. The simple controls and straightforward gameplay were well-received in the arcade gaming community during the early ’80s. The development of 10-Yard Fight paved the way for future sports simulation games.

Upon its release, 10-Yard Fight received positive reviews for its innovative approach to American football simulation. The game’s intuitive controls and competitive gameplay contributed to its success in the arcade scene. While its graphics may seem rudimentary today, they were cutting-edge during the early ’80s, making 10-Yard Fight a standout title in its genre.

10-Yard Fight maintained its popularity through various forms, including adaptations for home gaming consoles and computer systems. Its success also led to the creation of sequels and spin-offs, solidifying its place in video game history. The game’s influence can be seen in subsequent sports games that adopted similar gameplay mechanics.

Given its age, 10-Yard Fight has become a sought-after collector’s item. The original arcade cabinets are relatively rare, with limited production numbers contributing to their scarcity. The value of a well-maintained and fully functional 10-Yard Fight arcade cabinet has increased over the years, making it a prized possession for retro gaming enthusiasts.

10-Yard Fight arcade cabinets were built on dedicated hardware designed by Irem. The specifications include a Zilog Z80 microprocessor, a custom sound chip, and dedicated hardware for handling graphics and gameplay. For those interested in repairing or maintaining these classic cabinets, a list of relevant parts includes the Z80 CPU, sound components, and arcade-specific components like joysticks and buttons. Finding replacement parts may involve sourcing from vintage electronics markets or specialized suppliers catering to retro gaming hardware.

Arcade Video Game Price and Field Guide:

10-Yard Fight:
Dedicated Upright, Conversion Kit
Genre: Sports, Football

Lower – 400
Average – 650
Higher – 800

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