Armor Attack

Armor Attack

Arcade / Cinematronics 1980


Armor Attack is a classic arcade game released by Cinematronics in 1980. It falls under the genre of vehicular combat and is renowned for its innovative vector graphics, providing a unique visual experience for players of its time. Set in a battlefield scenario, players control a tank navigating through treacherous terrain while engaging enemy tanks and helicopters.

Developed during the golden age of arcade gaming, Armor Attack was created by Cinematronics, a prominent arcade game developer in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The game showcased cutting-edge vector graphics technology, which was a significant leap forward in visual presentation. The development team, led by Larry Rosenthal, aimed to create an immersive and engaging gameplay experience with a focus on strategic tank combat.

Armor Attack received positive acclaim for its groundbreaking graphics and engaging gameplay. The vector graphics were particularly praised for their smooth movements and realistic representations. The game’s strategic elements and challenging levels also contributed to its success, earning it a place among the classic arcade titles of its era.

The success of Armor Attack led to the creation of different versions and adaptations for various gaming platforms. Additionally, it inspired several games that adopted similar vehicular combat mechanics, contributing to the evolution of the genre. Notable related titles include Battlezone and Combat.

Due to its age and limited production, Armor Attack cabinets are considered rare among collectors. The scarcity of these cabinets, combined with the game’s historical significance, makes it a sought-after item in the retro gaming community. The value of a well-preserved Armor Attack arcade cabinet can vary, with factors such as condition, originality, and the presence of any unique features influencing its market price.

Armor Attack utilizes Cinematronics’ vector graphics hardware, which includes custom hardware components. The game is known for its unique analog rotary control, adding a tactile element to the gaming experience. In terms of repair, enthusiasts may need replacement parts for the analog controls, power supply units, and vector display components. Commonly needed parts include potentiometers, power transistors, and vector monitor components. Manuals and documentation from Cinematronics are invaluable resources for those seeking to restore or maintain an original Armor Attack arcade cabinet.

Arcade Video Game Price and Field Guide:

Armor Attack:
Dedicated Upright, Cocktail
Genre: Tank Combat, Maze


Lower – 825
Average – 900
Higher – 1100


Lower – 875
Average – 1000
Higher – 1175

Uses a black and white vector monitor with color overlay to simulate color. A licensed version was manufactured by Rock-Ola, housed in a similar cabinet design.

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