Asteroids Deluxe

Asteroids Deluxe

Arcade / Atari, Inc. 1981


Asteroids Deluxe is a classic arcade game developed by Atari and released in 1981 as a sequel to the iconic Asteroids. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Asteroids Deluxe introduces new gameplay elements and challenges. Players navigate their spaceship through an asteroid field, shooting and avoiding both asteroids and deadly saucers. The game incorporates vibrant vector graphics and an updated control scheme, providing a fresh and engaging experience for fans of the original.

Released during the golden age of arcade gaming in 1981, Asteroids Deluxe was developed as a sequel to the immensely popular Asteroids. Designed by Ed Logg, the same mind behind the original, the game aimed to build upon the success of its predecessor. The development team sought to enhance the gameplay with new features, introducing enemy saucers that could attack players directly. Asteroids Deluxe showcased Atari’s commitment to evolving their classic titles to meet the evolving expectations of arcade enthusiasts.

Asteroids Deluxe received positive reviews for successfully building upon the formula of the original game. Critics and players appreciated the updated graphics, increased difficulty, and the addition of saucers as formidable foes. The game’s challenging nature and improvements over the original contributed to its positive reception, further solidifying Atari’s influence in the arcade gaming industry.

Asteroids Deluxe is a direct sequel within the Asteroids series, introducing new elements while retaining the core gameplay mechanics. While it did not have direct sequels, its influence can be seen in other vector graphics games produced by Atari during the same era. The game set the stage for the evolution of space shooter arcade games.

Asteroids Deluxe arcade cabinets are considered collector’s items, and their rarity contributes to their value. While not as numerous as the original Asteroids cabinets, thousands of Asteroids Deluxe units were produced. The value of an Asteroids Deluxe cabinet in the collectors’ market depends on factors such as condition, originality, and demand among retro gaming enthusiasts. Well-preserved cabinets with minimal wear and tear are likely to command higher prices.

Asteroids Deluxe arcade cabinets ran on Atari’s custom hardware. The specifications include a 1.5 MHz processor, vector graphics hardware, and dedicated sound chips. For those interested in repairing or maintaining an Asteroids Deluxe cabinet, relevant parts may include the CPU, vector graphics components, power supply, and the monitor. Replacement parts can often be sourced from vintage electronics markets or specialized suppliers catering to classic arcade hardware. The modular design of many arcade cabinets facilitates repairs, and enthusiasts can find resources within dedicated communities and forums for guidance on troubleshooting and restoration.

Arcade Video Game Price and Field Guide:

Asteroids Deluxe:
Dedicated Upright, Mini (Cabaret), Cocktail
Genre: Space Shooter

Upright (18,142 Manufactured)

Lower – 550
Average – 700
Higher – 900

Cabaret (1,005 Manufactured)

Lower – 775
Average – 875
Higher – 1100

Cocktail (3,252 Manufactured)

Lower – 500
Average – 650
Higher – 775

There are two ROM variations of the PCB set. The earlier version is more difficult, so Atari offered a slightly easier version midway into production. Upright cabinets have a backlighted mirrored background graphic which the monitor projects onto. The black and white vector monitor also has a blue mylar gel on the upright and cabaret versions.

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