Astro Invader

Astro Invader

Arcade / Konami 1980


Astro Invader is a classic arcade shooter developed and released by Konami in 1980. It is a fixed shooter that gained popularity during the golden age of arcade gaming. In Astro Invader, players control a spaceship at the bottom of the screen, tasked with defending Earth against waves of descending alien invaders. The game features a simple yet addictive gameplay mechanic, challenging players to eliminate the relentless extraterrestrial threat.

Konami, a Japanese video game company known for its contributions to the gaming industry, developed Astro Invader as part of the burgeoning arcade scene in the early 1980s. Released during the same era as other iconic titles like Space Invaders and Galaxian, Astro Invader aimed to capitalize on the growing popularity of space-themed shooters. The game’s development was influenced by the success of its predecessors, but it introduced unique elements that set it apart in the competitive arcade market.

Upon its release, Astro Invader received positive reviews for its engaging gameplay and challenging difficulty. Players appreciated the intuitive controls and the thrill of battling against waves of progressively tougher alien enemies. The game’s success contributed to Konami’s reputation as a prominent arcade game developer during the golden age of gaming.

Astro Invader maintains its standalone status without direct sequels or spin-offs. However, its success likely influenced the design and development of subsequent Konami arcade shooters, contributing to the company’s legacy in the genre.

As with many vintage arcade games, the rarity of Astro Invader has increased over the years due to factors such as machine attrition, limited production numbers, and collector demand. While specific production numbers may be challenging to ascertain, Astro Invader cabinets are considered relatively rare in today’s market. Due to their scarcity, well-preserved units can command a higher value among collectors, with prices varying depending on factors such as condition, originality, and regional availability.

Astro Invader ran on Konami’s custom hardware, featuring early 8-bit processors and dedicated sound chips. Repairing and maintaining these vintage cabinets may require expertise in early arcade hardware. Relevant parts for possible repairs include the main circuit board, power supply unit, control interface components (joysticks and buttons), monitor, and audio components. Given the age of the game, finding replacement parts may pose a challenge, requiring dedicated collectors and restorers to source or reproduce essential components for preservation purposes.

Arcade Video Game Price and Field Guide:

Astro Invader:
Dedicated Upright, Cocktail
Genre: Space Shooter

Upright (5,000 +/- Manufactured)

Lower – 500
Average – 650
Higher – 725


Lower – 400
Average – 550
Higher – 675

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