Arcade / Williams Electronics 1982

Joust is a classic arcade game released by Williams Electronics in 1982. Created by John Newcomer, it is a unique and iconic two-player cooperative game that takes place in a fantasy world where players control knights mounted on flying ostriches. The objective is to defeat waves of enemy knights riding buzzards and collect eggs for points. Joust stands out for its innovative gameplay mechanics and distinctive design, making it a staple in the arcade gaming scene.

Developed during the “Golden Age of Arcade Games,” Joust was the brainchild of John Newcomer, who sought to create a game that combined competitive and cooperative elements. The game’s design and mechanics went through several iterations before the final release in 1982. With its engaging gameplay and unique concept, Joust quickly became a hit in arcades, contributing to Williams Electronics’ success in the industry.

Upon its release, Joust received widespread acclaim for its innovative gameplay, challenging mechanics, and cooperative multiplayer feature. The game’s unique concept garnered attention, making it a standout title in the arcade gaming landscape. Players praised its competitive yet cooperative nature, ensuring its place in the annals of video game history.

Joust has seen adaptations and appearances in various forms across different platforms, including home consoles and computer systems. The success of Joust led to sequels and spin-offs, further solidifying its influence in the gaming world. Notable related titles include Joust 2: Survival of the Fittest and various home console versions that brought the arcade experience to a wider audience.

While Joust was a popular arcade game, finding an original cabinet in good condition can be a challenge due to its age. The rarity of the game contributes to its value among collectors. Estimates suggest that a well-preserved Joust cabinet can fetch a significant price in the collector’s market, with variations based on factors like condition, originality, and regional availability.

Joust operates on Williams Electronics’ hardware platform, featuring a bespoke combination of components. The hardware includes a unique control system with buttons and a joystick for each player, a color raster display, and dedicated sound hardware. For repairs, enthusiasts and collectors can refer to detailed lists of relevant parts, schematics, and documentation available from the collector community to maintain and restore Joust cabinets to their original glory.

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