Jungle King

Jungle King

Arcade / Taito 1982

Jungle King is an arcade video game developed and released by Taito in 1982. It belongs to the platform genre and is renowned for its side-scrolling action-adventure gameplay. Players assume the role of a jungle explorer traversing perilous terrain filled with obstacles and hostile wildlife while rescuing a kidnapped damsel in distress from a fearsome tribe leader.

Jungle King was conceptualized and developed during the early 1980s by Taito’s talented team of designers and programmers. Inspired by the success of similar platformers of the era, the game was crafted to deliver thrilling gameplay experiences in the arcade setting. Its development marked Taito’s commitment to innovating within the burgeoning video game industry.

Upon its release, Jungle King garnered positive reviews for its challenging gameplay, vibrant graphics, and engaging soundtrack. Players were captivated by its immersive jungle setting and the adrenaline-fueled action of swinging across vines, dodging obstacles, and confronting dangerous foes. The game’s reception solidified its status as a classic within the arcade gaming community.

Jungle King spawned a sequel titled Jungle Hunt, which featured similar gameplay mechanics but with updated visuals and level designs. Additionally, the game has seen ports to various home gaming consoles and computer systems, further expanding its reach and influence in the gaming industry.

Due to its popularity and historical significance, Jungle King arcade cabinets are highly sought after by collectors. However, the game’s rarity can vary depending on factors such as location and condition. Well-preserved cabinets in working order can command significant prices on the collector’s market, with values often fluctuating based on demand and scarcity.

Jungle King utilizes hardware typical of arcade cabinets from the early 1980s. Its specifications include a CRT monitor, joystick controls, and various circuit boards for processing and audio output. For repairs, enthusiasts may require replacement parts such as control panels, buttons, power supplies, and monitor components. Manufacturers and specialized retailers often supply these parts to support the maintenance and restoration of Jungle King cabinets for continued enjoyment by arcade enthusiasts.

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