Time Fantasy

Time Fantasy

Pinball / Williams 1983

Time Fantasy is a pinball machine developed and manufactured by Williams Electronics in 1983. This unique game combines elements of traditional pinball with a whimsical time travel theme, taking players on a journey through various eras. Known for its vibrant and colorful artwork, intricate playfield, and engaging gameplay mechanics, Time Fantasy has gained a cult following among pinball enthusiasts. Players are challenged to complete various objectives that span different periods, providing a dynamic and entertaining experience.

Time Fantasy was conceptualized and designed by Williams Electronics during the early 1980s, a period marked by innovation in the pinball industry. The game was designed by John Trudeau, a notable figure in pinball design, with artwork by Python Anghelo, whose distinctive style added a unique visual appeal to the machine. The development aimed to create a game that stood out both in aesthetics and gameplay. Released in 1983, Time Fantasy was part of a wave of pinball machines that sought to push the boundaries of what pinball could offer, blending creative themes with engaging play mechanics.

Upon its release, Time Fantasy received mixed to positive reviews. Players and critics praised its imaginative theme and artwork, which set it apart from more conventional pinball machines of the time. The game was appreciated for its challenging yet rewarding gameplay. Over the years, it has maintained a steady fan base, with many collectors seeking it out due to its unique design and play experience. While it didn’t achieve the same level of commercial success as some of Williams’ other titles, it has remained a beloved piece of pinball history.

Time Fantasy did not spawn direct sequels or alternate versions, but it exists as a unique entry in the Williams catalog. The creative team behind it went on to develop other notable pinball machines, influencing the design and mechanics of future games. The spirit of Time Fantasy’s whimsical and adventurous theme can be seen in other pinball machines that embrace imaginative storytelling and vibrant art.

Time Fantasy is considered a rare pinball machine due to its limited production run. It is estimated that only around 600 units were produced, making it a sought-after item for collectors. The rarity and distinctive design contribute to its high value in the pinball collector market. As of recent years, a well-maintained Time Fantasy machine can fetch anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000, depending on its condition and the completeness of its parts.

Time Fantasy is built on the Williams System 7 hardware platform, which was common for many Williams pinball machines of that era. The key hardware specifications and parts for Time Fantasy include:

CPU Board: Williams System 7 MPU
Display: 7-digit alphanumeric display
Playfield: Multilevel playfield with various ramps and targets
Flippers: 2 standard flippers
Bumpers: 3 pop bumpers
Slingshots: 2 slingshot kickers
Sound Board: Williams System 7 sound board
Power Supply: Williams System 7 power supply
Parts List for Repairs:

CPU board
Sound board
Power supply unit
Playfield components (ramps, targets, bumpers, etc.)
Flipper assemblies
Rubber rings and bumpers
Light bulbs and LED replacements
Display units
Backglass artwork
Coin door assembly
Cabinet and playfield decals
Collectors and repair enthusiasts often seek out these components to maintain or restore Time Fantasy machines, ensuring that this classic piece of pinball history remains playable for future generations.

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